Stephen Iacoboni is a dedicated doctor, an award-winning researcher, and an outdoorsman who finds solace and rejuvenation in nature.  He is a businessman, a father of grown sons, an oncologist who has fought the good fight beside his patients for three decades, and an author who has chronicled the spiritual journey on which his career has taken him in his book, The Undying Soul, a book for cancer patients.

In his own words, Stephen Iacoboni tells us:

As an oncologist, I fight cancer. But I have also found that more often than not, the close personal bonds I form with my patients are as important to them as their medication. Those bonds have certainly become a part of my life, reminding me that every patient deserves a healthy dose of humanity with whatever else we medical professionals prescribe.

My journey as a doctor has been both professionally rewarding and intensely spiritual. While I began my medical career as a scientist, patient by patient an evolution took place. My patient-guides have shown me that despite the power of medical science, it is often the strength of the soul we must call upon to help us heal — or to accept that we will not. More than my story, The Undying Soul book is meant as a tribute to these patients, a primer for people facing life’s last and greatest mystery — and for those who travel with them — and as solace and comfort for those taking this difficult journey.

I invite you to join me in my journey and in the journeys of a handful of my patients — to join us in celebrating The Undying Soul.

In a tribute to the power of faith, personal connection, and the belief that there is something more, Stephen Iacoboni, MD, reminds us what he so poignantly learned from his patients — that death is not an end, but a beckoning, and that wholeness of spirit and freedom from doubt open the way for all of us to The Undying Soul.