While Stephen Iacoboni’s three decades as an oncologist are certainly reflected in the cancer stories in his book, The Undying Soul, this is not a book about cancer. Rather, it is a voyage of thought and spirit, a primer for people facing life’s last mystery and for those who travel with them, and an inspirational alternative to loneliness and fear. And because it so unerringly sets the reader on a journey to accessing his own soul, this is a must read not just for those suffering from illness or injury but also for those who want to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Bridging the gap between our secular and spiritual selves, The Undying Soul book is both a guide and a catalyst to expanding our belief system in both ourselves and in something beyond the self, setting the reader on a journey to discover his or her own “Undying Soul”.

Dr. Stephen Iacoboni (author of The Undying Soul) with Florida cancer patient in 2001 This book is Dr. Iacoboni’s sincere gesture to repay those who gave to him so precious a gift. The Undying Soul book boldly affirms the spiritual nature of humanity, offering solace to all cancer patients and their caregivers, as well as to anyone else led astray by the misguided voice of modern secularism.

The Undying Soul book in Stephen Iacoboni’s own words:

Stephen Iacoboni with his book The Undying SoulBut I had chosen a life and death career, a mortal field in which my colleagues and I often gambled against awful odds, while those who trusted us with their lives gambled with their own mortality. Together with my patients, we tried to face these challenges with courage, perseverance, humor and faith, however great their peril. Oh-so-slowly, I began to learn a critical lesson from them: that to have faith in ourselves, we have to have faith in something beyond ourselves. Through them, I came to see that the soul is as much a part of us as is our physical being…and to finally realize how much we deprive ourselves if we wait till our dying day to embrace this fundamental truth. And from this I came to the realization of the true nature of The Undying Soul.

—Dr. Stephen J Iacoboni, MD

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